Jeff has been involved in the SWNZ program since the first pilot program in 1995. This system is now internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading vineyard management audit programs. Vinesense can assist with vineyards either looking to make the most of the SWNZ system or those wishing to make the transition to organic viticulture.

"Emphasis on sustainable practices"

Jeff Sinnott graduated as dux of the viticulture stream from Adelaide University’s Roseworthy based Wine Science degree in 1992. His emphasis at the time was on organic viticulture and has developed truly sustainable systems for clients over the ensuing 17 years. His clients range in size from 8 to 80 Ha and beyond. With a sound grounding in scientific viticulture his services rely on established science rather than popular opinion. From site evaluation to vineyard layout and planning his extensive experience in New Zealand and overseas has established numerous successful vineyards. Choosing the right varieties, clones, rootstocks and training systems are fundamental in successful vineyard development or re-development.

Jeff has spent a considerable part of his career in the field of vine improvement, chairing the Gisborne Vine Improvement group in the mid 1990’s. He has also authored & co-authored several published papers in clonal evaluations of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris. In today’s uncertain market making the correct decision in changing varieties is critical. Vinesense can assist vineyard managers/owners in this process.